ACTIVE SPOTLIGHT: Update on Colton Van Til and Sophia Hoefle's "Aberdeen"


Colton Van Til and Sophia Hoefle’s feature film, Aberdeen, was selected to be featured at two film festivals in the past few months. The film was screened at the historic Blue Mouse Theatre in Tacoma on the 24th of February for the 2019 Destiny City Film Festival.

More recently, "Aberdeen" was selected to be included in the 2019 Port Orchard Film Festival. The film is all set to be screened on the 4th of May.


Over the course of the last few months, President Ben Bellevue and Cinematic Affairs Chair, Andrew York developed the ‘Production Grant’. Implementing the Grant was undertaken by Andrew York and the Production Chair, Jacob Lallas to bring into effect the chapter’s inaugural ‘Production Grant’. The objective of the grant is to give members an opportunity to make passion projects. The various awards of the Grant are $ 250 award, $ 500 award, and a $ 1000 award.

The winners of the first round of Production Grant are the following

  1. Thank God For Girls by Summer Plair and Andrew York - $ 1000

  2. Snack Attack by Alex Alford - $ 250

  3. That Thing (On the Internet) by Alison Huntley - $ 250

In addition, the following have been selected by the chapter to represent the Grant committee:

Production Chair - Jacob Lallas

Jack McGill - Directing/Post-Production Specialist

Andrew York - Producing Specialist

Writing Specialist - Alex Falcon

Cinematography Specialist - Emily Stevenson


This semester, our Recruitment Chair, Summer Plair and Cinematic Affairs chair co-created a web series titled, Thank God For Girls. Thank God For Girls is a comedic web series about an insecure, black, high school lesbian, who struggles with love, friendship, and coming out. Summer wrote the show in addition to taking on the directing responsibilities. Along with being a co-creator and co-director, Andrew York produced this web series. Bretta Lichtenwalner, our new active member, was the 1st AD and the Associate Producer. Kelly Muskat was the Director of Photography with two new active members Wendy Xi and Jacob Staudenmaier part of her camera team. Ellen Na was in charge of Hair and Make Up while Jared Fembleaux managed the Social Media. Last but not the least, Keiva Bradley, was one of the lead actress, playing the role of Christine.


Active Spotlight: Colton Van Til & Sophia Hoefle's "ABERDEEN"

Active Spotlight: Colton Van Til & Sophia Hoefle's "ABERDEEN"

Over the past year our current PR Chair, Colton Van Til, co-wrote, directed and co-produced an independent feature film on location in Washington State. Sophia Hoefle, our secretary, co-produced and assistant directed while actives Clark Zhu edited and Kate Dudek was the production designer.

Alumni Spotlight: Terence Johnson's Vampire Resistance Corps

Since graduating LMU, former Theta Chapter President Terence Johnson has been in the process of creating his own six-part web series: The Vampyr Resistance Corps. The series tells the story of three resistance fighters on a mission to save a general who has been captured by vampires.

Rush Week Throwbacks

The Rush Week for DKA was a great one. People came out to rush our great professional Fraternity and gained new friendships along the way. 

Welcome Rush class Fall 2016!

Our new class of Rushees is excited to start the most amazing Pledge process ever conceived. We wish them the best on their endeavours!

The New DKA Members. Spring 2016!

(left to right) Top Row: Mauricio Jauregui, Bolun Wei, Eden Russo, Jennifer Walton. Second Row: David Sireika, Mitchell Huckaby, Danica Dickison, Clark Eglinton, Catherine Collier, Val Taylor, Chris Cranston, Andrew York, Madison Quinton. Third Row: Jackson DeFreest, Neyah Barbee, Jasmin Riedel, Jane Chow, Taylor Raymond, Sofia Saharah. Bottow Row: Emily Teera, Megan Siu Lau, Jennifer Bohnert, Christine Gonzalez, Jordan Goodman

The newly initiated members of Delta Kappa Alpha Theta chapter are ready to take on the world of the cinematic arts. 

DKA Website

Hello Everyone PR Chair here!

Welcome to the brand new Delta Kappa Alpha Theta Chapter website. Please be free to navigate around and explore the website. If you have any questions or recommendations e-mail With that said, Enjoy!