Over the course of the last few months, President Ben Bellevue and Cinematic Affairs Chair, Andrew York developed the ‘Production Grant’. Implementing the Grant was undertaken by Andrew York and the Production Chair, Jacob Lallas to bring into effect the chapter’s inaugural ‘Production Grant’. The objective of the grant is to give members an opportunity to make passion projects. The various awards of the Grant are $ 250 award, $ 500 award, and a $ 1000 award.

The winners of the first round of Production Grant are the following

  1. Thank God For Girls by Summer Plair and Andrew York - $ 1000

  2. Snack Attack by Alex Alford - $ 250

  3. That Thing (On the Internet) by Alison Huntley - $ 250

In addition, the following have been selected by the chapter to represent the Grant committee:

Production Chair - Jacob Lallas

Jack McGill - Directing/Post-Production Specialist

Andrew York - Producing Specialist

Writing Specialist - Alex Falcon

Cinematography Specialist - Emily Stevenson