Since graduating LMU, former Theta Chapter President Terence Johnson has been in the process of creating his own six-part web series: The Vampyr Resistance Corps. The series tells the story of three resistance fighters on a mission to save a general who has been captured by vampires.

The series is an idea Johnson started developing during his first internship and he’s continued to expand on it ever since. Johnson loves that the series give him a chance to work in the horror genre, which he loves, while finding ways to tell new, interesting stories – focusing specifically on a blend of vampire action and interpersonal dynamics within the team. Through the Film Independent Incubator Program, Johnson could expand on the series’ world with fellow writers, and he believes that allows for more content to come out of the universe he’s established.

Vampyr Resistance Corps is still in production, but primary shooting wrapped up this past June. Shooting was a show of force DKA collaboration, with Johnson’s set including numerous active and alumni members of Theta Chapter. Johnson attributes this to two factors. One was knowing the strong reputations countless DKA members had on set, causing him to naturally gravitate towards them. Furthering his desire to collaborate with DKA members was the knowledge that fellow members could support him emotionally during the stress of production, which he believes is hugely important.

Director Terence Johnson works with fellow DKA alum Nyasha Bryant on set as Bryant, In the role of 1st AC, oversees the shoots scheduling.

Johnson plays back footage with the help of DKA active Andrew York, who worked as DP on Vampyr Resistance Corps

Clark Eglinton, current President of Theta Chapter, takes a second to relax between takes. Eglinton joined the project looking to help Johnson in any position that was needed and found himself working as 2nd AC through the duration of shooting.

Actors are fully outfitted for their next scene thanks to the work of DKA active Alex Simon, who planned the costume design for the whole series.

Vampyr Resistance Corps is scheduled to release on YouTube in January of 2018. Until then, you can follow the series behind the scenes at